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Lion gets attacked by 20 hyenas and then the unexpected happens

Just because a lion suceeds in making a kill dosen't always mean it gets to eat it. Frequently, other predators, especially hyenas, will pester a lion to the point where he will abandon a kill to them. Smaller predators aren't as sucessful, but often grab scraps when the lion isn't looking. This works in reverse, too.

Subscribe for videos guys馃挄Disclaimer: I do not own this video nor the image in the video. All rights belong to its rightful owner/owners. Thank you. lion gets attacked by 20 hyenas and then the unexpected happens.

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The Hyena Lion. A/N: We're getting more closer to the end.I also had been wanting to do a chapter like this where Kion sees himself in a different manner. Chapter 17. Tests. Some time later, Kion's eyes hissed open with an aching pain in his body.

Kion smiles at them, and says "I'm gonna love what happens in the next two minutes." Janja ask "what gonna happen in the-" Kion sucks in a huge amount of air and roars louder than the thunder, louder than the roar of the gods. Janja and his crew was blown beyond the outlands along with the cave and the hyenas inside it.

The Thunder Megazord was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' second primary Megazord, created by merging the five Thunderzords: the Red Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, Griffin and Firebird Thunderzords. The Rangers piloted the Thunder Megazord from the green orb on its chest. We need Thunderzord power now!The Power Rangers summoning the Thunderzords The.

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